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Dear teacher in certified APS school,


We are pleased to provide you with this application for the distinction of certified psychoanalytic educator (CPE). We provide a certificate of certification, and will be acknowledging those who have achieved certification on this website.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this application or the process.



Alliance for Psychoanalytic Schools

  • Requirements for Certification

    1. BA degree or equivalent.

    2. Three years of teaching experience in a program accredited by Alliance for Psychoanalytic Schools during the time of teaching.

    3. Participation in a minimum of 300 hours of psychoanalytic clinical/educational formal learning experiences. Examples of such experiences include group discussions of children with psychoanalysts, attendance at workshops, classes, presentations with a psychoanalytic focus.

    4. Submission of application, that includes attestation by accredited schools’ child psychoanalyst clinical director or equivalent of:

    a. Items 1-3 above;

    b. Applicant’s high ethical standards

    c. Applicant’s significant identification with and understanding of the basic psychoanalytic orientation to the inner world of the child and to the developmental needs of the child understood psychoanalytically.

    5. Certification may be granted to teachers who have fulfilled these requirements, are not currently teaching in an APS accredited program, but who fulfilled these requirements during the period of time that the program was accredited.

  • Application for Certified Psychoanalytic Educator

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